These books have helped me to become a better mom, wife, and employee over the past few years:

  • Good Enough is the New Perfect
  • The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands – every married woman should read this book
  • Who’s Got Your Back (Keith Ferrazzi) – this book helped me tremendously at work
  • Never Eat Alone (Keith Ferrazzi) – also helped me at work
  • Happy at Work, Happy at Home – good for working moms
  • Today we are Rich
  • The Go Getter Girl’s Guide
  • Stop Saying You’re Fine
  • Take the Lead
  • The Social Animal
  • Just Listen: the Secret to getting through to Absolutely Anyone        
  • The Energy Bus

I know what you are thinking.  How on earth do you find time to read?  While I am exercising!  I do cardio first thing in the morning (before my kids wake up).  This is a great way to start the day.  I am able to plan my day, read a little, and have some “me” time before for my day starts.

What gets me motivated to get out of bed and do this?  Doing cardio in the morning on an empty stomach (or after lifting weights) is the most effective way to burn fat. 

Why is this?  When you wake up, your body’s glycogen storage is depleted, allowing you to burn fat instantly.  Your glycogen storage builds up as the day goes on and you eat.  You must burn the glycogen before you can burn fat.  This is why lifting weights before evening cardio is best for fat burning.  By the time you lift for 30 min or so, you have burned the glycogen and can immediately start burning fat.

That is enough reason for me!

I am open to suggestions on blog topics, things you want to know about me, etc.  I would love your feedback!

Happy reading!