Have you ever used this stuff?

butter spray

It is almost too good to be true, right?  It tastes exactly like butter and has no fat and no calories.  How can that be?

butter spray 2

Let’s look a little more closely at this label.  Two of the ingredients are sweet cream buttermilk and soybean oil.  The last time I checked, these two things were loaded with fat.

Did you notice that the serving size is one spray?  Who uses one spray?  I need at least 20 sprays to even taste it on my food!  These people have made the serving size so small that the spray appears to be fat free.  The truth is that it is loaded with fat.  You are better off buying a tub of low fat margarine or Smart Balance and using a teaspoon if you want a butter flavor.

You can also use Molly McButter.  It truly has no fat and very little calories.

Molly McButter