The first time I visited my nutritionist, she told me that I had to try to stay under 40 grams of sugar\day.  I looked at her like she was crazy.  I have always been a sweets person so I did not know how that was going to happen. 

 Much to my surprise, when I started eating frequent meals, my sweet tooth went away!  Lesson learned – I was not a “sweets person”.  I always craved sweets and carbohydrates because I was not eating enough and my blood sugar was always low.  When you eat frequently, your blood sugar remains stable, which reduces cravings.  

When I do have a sweet tooth, I eat the following things:

 –      Labrada Lean Body for Her shake with one packet of SF pudding (in the blender).  Yum!  I always have a shake at night after I do weights (before bed).

–      Jamie Eason’s protein bars (links below).  I have tried all of them and cinnamon and lemon are my favorite.  All of Jamie Eason’s recipes are really good.

Both of these things can be used as one of your mid-day meals.  They are low in sugar and have enough protein to keep you satisfied.