My maid said something to me this week that really surprised me – “Thank you for being so nice.” 

I looked at her funny when she said it because I do not remember going out of my way to do nice things for her.  On my way to work, I started thinking about what I did that was so “nice”.  I tell her thank you sometimes, I leave leftovers for her to take to her kids, and when she does a really good job at something, I let her know

I have also noticed that she has been doing extra things around my house that I didn’t ask her to do – organizing my closets and my kid’s dresser drawers (could be a small hint, not sure). 🙂

Coincidence?  Probably not. 

Everyone needs a pat on the back sometimes.  Think about how good it feels when someone thanks you for something or tells you that you did a good job.  Don’t you feel motivated to keep doing good things when that happens? 

Just a little food for thought.  Have a great weekend!